Pretty teen gets her face covered in cum

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Pretty teen gets her face covered in cum: Xenia B can’t even read a book without her horny boyfriend interrupting. He wants more than just sex. Her boyfriend actually wants to make a sex tape. All the teens these days are making them. Xenia B’s boyfriend wants to be like all his friends. They have sex tapes and he doesn’t want to be the only guy without one. A pale skinned teen like her is a real treat in the sack. This homemade video documents just how much of a treat she is. The first thing she does is suck his cock. It’s a little too big for her mouth. She’s able to suck on it and get his juices flowing though. Some pussy licking makes sure her tender hole is ready for such a huge meat pole. The camera angles during sex proves these two are just amateurs. The load of cum on her pretty face also proves just how horny these two really are.




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