Innocent Babysitter Has A Charitable Pussy

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Innocent Babysitter Has A Charitable Pussy: Charity Crawford is the epitome of the wholesome and hot girl next door you dream about doing nasty things to. Charity gets a babysitting job call from Mr. Kovac who is also the owner of a swank hotel on the strip. She decides to live up to her name and provide a charitable service for her friends who need jobs there. This absolutely smoking hot girl with a gorgeous face and slender well toned body is sitting on his bed as Mr. Kovac comes in to pay her. She tells him she has a strange request. She wants to know what she can do to get her friends a job, and is more than forward with what she is planning on doing to make sure that happens. Mr. Kovac can‘t help but accept the offer of ravaging her sexy young body in exchange for jobs. This innocent yet dirty girl strips naked and starts going to town on Mr. Kovac and his cock with her mouth. She gives him a blowjob that has him moaning with delight. She then lays back so you get a great look at her perfect tits and well toned body. Mr. Kovac grabs her waist and starts using his hips to fuck her like a jackhammer in missionary position as he stands. Soon she is bent sideways and doggy style against the bed with his dick pounding her while she shrieks in pleasure/pain from his cock lunging into her. She then mounts him and he lives out all of his revolting and perverted fantasies on her even shoving his finger up her little asshole while she is bouncing off his dick. He makes it very known that his old dick is loving every second of being inside her babysitter pussy. It ends with him blowing what looks like the world‘s most satisfying cumshot all over her perfect face. She gets extra dirty by licking, gargling, and blowing bubbles with his cum while it‘s streaked all across her face.




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