Fantasy Fulfilled by fucking Brandy Talore

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Fantasy Fulfilled by fucking Brandy Talore: Our camera man ran into Joe Bonez and started making idol conversation. Joe popped up, in more ways than one, when he heard Brady Talore’s name get dropped. Our camera guy, being the sweet and sensitive soul that he is, asked if Joe would like to meet her. Does a bear shit in the woods? When they go to find her, they stumble upon a happy sight – Brandy Talore rubbing lotion on her gorgeous tits. Joe couldn’t help himself and started stroking his decades long boner for Brandy.
Brandy catches the pair of Tweedle Dumbnuts and under normal circumstances, they would catch a beating. Here at Bang Bros, however, this is just another Tuesday. After some formal introductions, Brandy is more than willing to make a fans dreams come true. Especially for a guy who can still be so hard to fuck her, despite the fact he’s already dropped one load today. Why couldn’t our fandom for Janet Reno work out in a similar fashion.




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